10 Gift Ideas for Women Who Love Healthy Living

October 02, 2019

10 Gift Ideas for Women Who Love Healthy Living

She is up early and ready for her morning run. She takes a shower and makes herself a hearty and healthy breakfast. After some light stretching and a cup of herbal tea, she is out the front door to start her day. She exercises, eats right and practices a holistic routine. Gifts for women who love healthy living or women who want to begin a healthy lifestyle, are the perfect way to show her you care. 


1. Blender for smoothies 

Get her a blender that can mix up all the healthy ingredients into a smooth beverage. Smoothies are an energizing meal replacement. They are perfect for the morning to prevent her from being sluggish and lethargic. Sometimes, eggs and potatoes may be a bit too heavy. Liquids naturally metabolize faster because the body has to do less work to break down unlike solid foods. If you want to give her more than a blender, add a bag of hemp seeds, a bag of matcha powder and a bag of chia seeds to the gift bundle. These ingredients can easily be added to any blend of fruit or veggie smoothies. They contain omega 3 fatty acids that boost metabolism and increase energy throughout the day. 

2. Essential oils

She can make her own essential oils with an herbal seed kit by growing her own herbs and turning them into homemade essential oils. Essential oils extract the plant through a fermentation process that turns them into highly concentrated and potent oils. They can be used for cooking, placed in diffusers for aromatherapy or used as topical treatments. 


3. Herbal Tea 

Did you know tea is one of the most powerful ways to naturally absorb a plants essence for its health and healing benefits? Get her an herbal tea kit so she can grow her own! Once the plant is fully developed, she can harvest the herbal tea leaves and make her own tea in the morning, afternoon or before bedtime. Every herb has different uses but will surely benefit her health in a positive way.

4. S-shaped muscle and body massager 

S-shaped massagers can be used to massage those hard to reach places on her own. They are perfect for athletes and fitness buffs. The S-shape allows her to massage multiple places simultaneously without having to rely on anyone else but herself. She can regulate both the pressure and the places where she has muscle tension or stiffness. 

5. Magnesium sulfate bath soaks

They are sometimes called Epsom salts. These bath soaks contain high levels of magnesium sulfate. Magnesium sulfate is essentially salt water when placed in a bath. These bath soaks can loosen tense muscles, relieve stiff joints and alleviate bodily aches and pains. They work for practically any woman in need of a little TLC after a hard day. 

6. Local farmers co-op membership

Many towns and cities have local farmers co-ops. These are places where local farmers can sell their meat and produce grown organically and locally from their farms. Memberships typically include certain weight or amount eligible to be taken weekly or monthly. Eating from the land and environment where you reside has shown to be more beneficial to overall health in terms of food intake.

7. Spa day package 

Who doesn't like a little rest and relaxation? Spa day packages can be extremely affordable and highly valuable. Many include one hour massages, access to the spa amenities for the day and other therapeutic treatments. Purchase one for whenever she is ready to use package or set a special date when you know she has time to enjoy it. She will love to know she can bask in her bliss for a spa day. 

8. Foot bath and massager 

If she wants to treat herself to a spa day everyday, get her a foot bath that doubles as a foot massager. She can indulge in a little R&R whenever she needs to take a load off. Most can easily be used in the comfort of her home. Fill with water, plug it in and let it heat up. Some offer different massage settings for her preference. 

9. Day lamp

Day lamps are for anyone not catching enough sunlight throughout the day. Sunlight increases happiness and helps prevent seasonal depression. The dull winter months and rainy days can affect our moods. Sometimes they are called happy lamps! It may come as no surprise if she works in an office or spends most of her time indoors all day. These lamps produce light that simulates natural sunlight. They can help to uplift her mood and boost overall well being. 

10. Bonsai tree kits

A bonsai tree? Believe it or not, the art of bonsai is an ancient and meditative practice. Part of a healthy lifestyle is tending to her mental and spiritual needs. Taking care of something, especially a miniature tree from seedling to full grown, is a rejuvenating and uplifting experience. Starting your own bonsai tree and caring for it promotes concentration, boosts creativity and helps to bring balance to the mind. Healthy living isn't only taking care of herself but also taking care of something else that brings her joy! 

The healthy woman in your life deserves gifts that support her wonderfully caring lifestyle. Give her something she will love to show her you care for her just as much as she does! 


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