10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Your Mom Who Loves Nature and Gardening

10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Your Mom Who Loves Nature and Gardening

Are you scratching your head at what to get your mom for a Mother's Day gift? Whether your mom is hard to shop for, already has everything she wants, or you just want to get her something out of the ordinary, we've all been in those shoes!


We've put our thinking caps on and made a handy list of gift ideas that are sure to please and show her how much you care! 


Herbal Tea Garden Kit: If your mom loves to drink tea, then this is the gift for her! She will get everything she needs to grow four fun varieties of tea; Lavender, Peppermint, Chamomile, and Lemon Balm! Not only is gardening a relaxing pastime but making a cup of tea that she grew and brewed herself will be even more satisfying for her to sip on!Binoculars: These are a must-have for every down-to-earth mom's outdoor activities kit. Whether it's going in her backpack for hiking or for doing some butterfly and bird-watching from her back porch chair, binoculars will bring much enjoyment!Edible Flower Garden Kit: If your mother is a chef-extraordinaire and loves to get creative with her cooking, this is a double-fun gift. Not only will she be growing her own edible flowers, but she'll also be able to add them to her culinary creations! Woodburning Kit: An artful gift for the mom who loves to get crafty! This tool is a creative way to add a beautiful touch to wooden signs, containers, and furniture. You can get a small kit with just the basics, or purchase complete kits with many accessories, sometimes even wood pieces! Family Hike and Picnic: If your mom loves to be outdoors and spend time with her kids and/or grandkids, this is an adventurous gift of quality time for her! Pick her favorite spot or choose a new one to explore together. And make it even more thoughtful by packing a picnic for afterwards!Tomato Garden Kit: An excellent choice for the green-thumb mom! Who doesn't love a tasty tomato picked straight from the vine!Cat Grass Kit: If your mom has cats, dogs, bunnies, or birds, this could be a wonderful option. Not only will she have a fun plant project, but her pets will enjoy it also!Birdfeeder: This would be a fantastic addition to a porch, garden, or in front of her favorite window! If you want to step it up a notch, you could even get her a local bird guide to go with it! Garden Tool Set: A gardener can always use more tools! A charming ergonomic set will make gardening even more relaxing for her! You could even get a set with her name engraved on it!Culinary Herb Garden Kit: Another option for the mom who loves to cook and garden! Fresh herbs add more flavor to dishes than dried ones do, with the added benefit that you know where you are getting your food from! 


    We're sure that at least one of these gifts is bound to bring a smile to your mother's face! If you have any questions about our garden kits, please reach out to us at wecare@shopgardenrepublic.com

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