10 Useful Housewarming Gifts for New Homeowners

October 23, 2019

10 Useful Housewarming Gifts for New Homeowners

Housewarming gifts are a beautiful tradition for anyone you know moving into a new place to live. They can be given at a housewarming party or even as a friendly gesture to show them congratulations. They may be items needed for the household or decorative gifts to spruce up their new environment.


1. Welcome mat

A welcome mat is designed to greet guests before even stepping into the front door. They serve both a friendly and functional purpose. They prevent grime, dirt and moisture from being trekked into the home by those that live there and anyone visiting for the day. Opt for a welcome mat that can easily be washed or wiped clean. 

2. Clippable reading lights

Reading lights that can be clipped to the bedpost or headrest are especially useful for anyone who enjoys a good book before bedtime. Many are designed with bendable necks to point the light directly at the pages. This makes it easy to not interfere with the person next to you if they are sleeping. They are made to easily be taken on and off to prevent any style clashes in the bedroom. 

3. Mortar and pestle

Many homes could use this extremely useful tool in their kitchen. A mortar and pestle is designed to grind dry herbs, plants and spices by hand. Larger mortar and pestles can be used to make dipping sauces, guacamole and other culinary pastes. Some people use a mortar and pestle to make homemade beauty products too!


4. Culinary herb seed starter kit

Growing herbs from scratch may take a few months but once they sprout, they are wonderful to have in the kitchen. Culinary seed herb seed starter kits come with everything your loved one needs to plant, grow and use these herbs in their favorite homemade dishes. They are capable of being grown indoors making them convenient and useful for spicing up meals. 

5. Gourmet spices

Basic spices like salt and pepper may already be stocked in their kitchen. Gourmet spices are rarely seen on most spice racks. A set of gourmet spices will have those difficult to find items which most people will have to go out of there way to get when making specific dishes. 

6. Bonsai seed starter kit

The art of bonsai is a meditative practice that many people find leisurely. Once grown, these miniature trees are attractive anywhere they are placed. A bonsai seed starter kit allows them to grow their own bonsai from start to finish. Living plants, especially bonsai trees, are one of the few decorative items that can work in nearly any home without interfering with the interior design. They are a wonderful housewarming gift to express good fortune and a happy home. 

7. Kitchen drying towels

Everyone needs a good kitchen drying towel and you can never have enough! Even if they don’t have to hand dry their dishes and utensils, they are used to clean up messes around the kitchen. Opt for kitchen drying towels that have a plain design. White, cream or beige are best. This way, the color choice won’t interfere with the kitchen color palette. 

8. Scented candles

Nothing says “housewarming” like a scented candle that will light up the room. Scented candles have a subtle aroma that will keep their home smelling wonderful each time they use it. 


9. French press

Is your friend or family member a coffee drinker? A french press coffee maker is a different way to brew coffee in the morning. French presses give their favorite morning beverage a richer and more satisfying taste. 

10. Herbal tea starter kit

Growing herbal tea is simple when you have all the right essentials. An herbal tea starter kit comes with everything needed to grow herbal tea from start to finish. They can be grown indoors or outdoors. Once bloomed, your loved one can simply pluck a few tea leaves from their homegrown herbs to create a soothing tea blend that meets their needs. 

When purchasing housewarming presents steer away from overtly decorative items. They may not fit into their interior design such as wall art, tabletop sculptures or even in some cases, picture frames. It is best to stick to functional gifts and / or leisurely gifts that can be used in their home for comfort and enjoyment.


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