10 Work Friendly Gifts for Coworkers and Employers

October 06, 2019

10 Work Friendly Gifts for Coworkers and Employers

The holiday season is coming up! After shopping for your friends and family, you would like to get those you work for and those you work with memorable gifts. Whether it is for a holiday work party, secret santa or even just an individual way to show your appreciation, you are in need of work-friendly gift ideas. We got you covered! If you are buying for the whole team or just a few people, you may have never spent time with them outside of the office. This can be a little challenging when shopping for gifts. There is no need to break the bank or even know your coworkers on a deeply personal level to get something anyone would enjoy receiving. 

1. Wine 

Liquor stores and wineries sell smaller versions of full bottles of wine that look absolutely adorable with a shiny ribbon wrapped around them. Opt for a wine that is local to the area to give it a more personal touch. Not everyone enjoys drinking wine but it doesn’t mean they won’t have a dinner party or company over their house who might. They can have the bottle for their own enjoyment or even regift it to someone in their life who does enjoy wine. 

2. Homemade Cookies 

Stick to 3 kinds of cookies to make it easier. Grab cookie tins from a dollar store to keep costs down. You can find simple recipes online or even share one of your family cookie recipes. Baking in batches makes it more convenient to cover gifts for several coworkers at the same time. 

3. Herbal Seed Starter Kit 

Herbal seed starter kits come with everything needed for them to grow their own herbs at home. The seeds, soil, containers and instruction booklets all come in one kit making it convenient for them to fully enjoy their new gift.


4. Stationery 

Stationery is used for writing letters, creating to-do lists, jotting down memos and personal reminders. They can keep it on their desk at the office or in their home. Stationary kits typically come with a matching notepad, envelopes and writing utensil. 

5. Bonsai Seed Starter Kit 

Bonsai trees are miniature versions of full-grown trees that can be grown from seedling to tree with the right materials and proper care. A bonsai seed starter kit has everything they need to grow a bonsai at home. Once their bonsai is grown, they can even display it in the office for you and others to admire. 


6. Tote Bag

An attractive and durable tote bag can be used for practically anything. There are some very inexpensive but quality tote bags available. If you want to get extra fancy about it, opt for the ones with pockets or with insulation. They may choose to use it at the office to carry their lunch or other paperwork. However, they can use it for light grocery shopping, as a beach bag or for whatever else their heart desires. 


7. Homemade Fruit Basket 

You can make a very lovely fruit basket by simply buying bulk produce from a local farmers market and placing the fruit medley in wicker baskets for your coworkers. Top it off with a decorative ribbon! 


8. Travel Mug

Give them each a travel mug they can use for their morning coffee or any other beverage on their way to the office. Opt for the travel mugs with a spill resistant top for the road. 

9. Desk Calendar 

With everything being digital, they may have a calendar on their phone, laptop and tablet. A desk calendar will keep their tasks and dates tangible. Personalize it by getting them desk calendars with motivational quotes or funny jokes to boost their moods and keep them smiling each and every day. 

10. Stress Balls 

Stress balls are a really great way to discreetly relieve stress and tension in the hands if using a computer often. They will let your coworkers know you understand the job can get a little stressful at times.

Work-friendly gifts are designed to let your coworkers and employers know you care without overstepping any boundaries. Whether to be used in the office or at home, they will appreciate you thinking of them for a holiday or a special occasion. 


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