5 Natural Gifts that Keep on Giving

November 26, 2019

5 Natural Gifts that Keep on Giving

This year for the holidays, give them the gift that keeps on giving. In fact, write it on their card or tell them directly when giving them a natural and organic plant starter kit. Whether they have a green thumb, just started crafting, love cooking, enjoy gardening or appreciate the outdoors, anyone can make good use of one of many plant starter kits this holiday season. 

1. Hot and Spicy Pepper Kit 

Yes, this kit includes the heat! It is a sure fire way to give your favorite gardener or famous home chef the essentials they need to grow their own peppers. The hot and spicy pepper kit includes 4 kinds of peppers, including cayenne, poblano, habanero and jalapeno. Not only do spicy peppers enhance culinary dishes, spicy peppers can be used topically to help skin issues and medicinally to aid in digestion and boost immune systems. 


2. Herbal Tea Kit 

Herbal Tea Kits include the soothing and calming remedies needed to cultivate the most delicious cup of homegrown tea. The herbal tea starter kit includes 4 different kinds of herbs, including mint, chamomile, lemon balm and lavender. Each of these herbs have their own healing components which can be used in beverages, culinary dishes, topically and as oils / tinctures. 

3. Herbs in the Burbs 

Herbs in the Burbs is an indoor herbal garden kit with non-gmo, USA grown, organic herbs such as cilantro, english thyme, large leaf italian parsley and genovese basil. These herbs can be used for a variety of purposes. These purposes include making new recipes, organic tinctures, homemade spices, natural beauty products and topical ointments, this kit is for everyone! 


4. Bonsai Tree Starter Kit 

Bonsai Tree Starter Kits are one of the best methods for meditation. Bring your loved one into a state of blissful thinking by providing them with an ancient method of horticulture. This requires the skill and craft of cultivating miniature trees in a homegrown setting. They can grow their bonsai from scratch. Then, they continue to trim, shape and design their sacred bonsai for years to come. A bonsai will grow under the right conditions. The one who will be gifted this bonsai, will be given an instructional manual to learn how to care for and maintain this sacred zen plant. 


5. Cactus and Succulent Kit 

Any travelers in the family? A cacti and succulent mix starter kit is the best way to give them the gift of life without too much fuss. Cacti and succulents require very little attention and water but lots of sunlight. If you or someone you love has a window with plenty of sunlight and lots of time away from home, give them the gift of a cacti and succulent kit. These beautiful and majestic plants thrive with the right care. 

Plants are the gift that keeps on giving. These natural kits will get them started. They provide more than just aesthetics. Their uses extend into the realms of medicine, cuisine, self-care and holistic healthy living. Their versatility will bring joy to your loved one, no matter their gender or age! 


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