5 Simple Uses for Fresh Herbs

5 Simple Uses for Fresh Herbs

You’d never guess some of the uses for fresh herbs. From delicious dishes and garnish to face masks and breath mints, having fresh herbs handy is beneficial in more ways than one. You may find yourself carrying a bag of fresh parsley or mint leaves with you once you discover the powerful uses of fresh herbs in your everyday routine.


Bad Breath

Bad breath doesn’t always come from a lack of proper hygiene. You can chew on a few fresh mint leaves if you think it’s primarily saliva related. However, bad breath can come from gastrointestinal issues. Parsley has powerful medicinal properties aiding your gastrointestinal system. While mint can solve the problem for a short time, chew and swallow fresh parsley to help issues with bad breath that may be arising from an internal problem down below.


Face Masks

Fresh basil has strong antiseptic properties. Crush basil leaves and mix with yogurt to create a face mask that eliminates acne scars. Wash off. Crush basil leaves and mix with egg whites then allow to dry. Rinse off. The combination of basil leaves and egg whites helps tighten and brighten skin. Crush basil leaves and mix with lemon juice. Wash off after 10 minutes. This basil facial mask helps oily skin and remove impurities from pores.

Essential Oils

You can turn fresh herbs into essential oils. Essential oils can be placed directly on the skin or used in diffusers to experience the powerful aromatherapeutic effects. Take several sprigs of fresh thyme and remove the stems. Chop the thyme. Dry on a paper towel. Add your freshly dried thyme into a glass jar. Cover with olive oil and seal the jar. Place on a sunny windowsill for 72 hours. You want to steep the thyme essence. Shake every 12 hours. Place newly dried fresh thyme into a second jar. Cover the second jar with muslin. Muslin is a plain-woven cotton fabric used as a filter. Pour your mixture from the first jar over the muslin into the second jar. Be sure to get as much oil from the first jar into the second jar. Allow the second jar to sit on the windowsill for 48 hours. Repeat this process a total of 3 times or more. Strain your oil the final time to create your own thyme essential oil.



Adding a sprig of thyme, a cilantro leaf or a few pieces of freshly chopped basil on a dish adds to the taste. Not only does it enhance your recipe but the presentation as well. It gives your dish a gourmet appearance. Whether you are a new cook or a formerly trained chef, a little garnish goes a long way. It’s always best to have fresh herbs laying around for this purpose.



Almost every well-known herb has a medicinal benefit that can help you. Parsley helps with stomach issues. Thyme helps alleviate stress and improve your immune system. Basil helps with blood circulation and healthy heart function. Cilantro helps improve blood flow and the condition of your hair, skin and bones. Each herb has a uniquely beneficial medicinal component that does wonders for the body especially when taken regularly and plucked fresh from a garden.

Now that you know simple uses for fresh herbs, it is wise to always have them readily available. It’s easy to have fresh herbs right at home with an indoor garden kit. It saves time and money from having to go to the grocery store every time you need them. Plus, you can find even more uses for fresh herbs through your own experimentation now that you know they can be used for more than just cooking!


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