8 Natural Gifts for Vegans 

August 27, 2019

8 Natural Gifts for Vegans 

We all have one! A vegan friend or family member, that is. Believe it or not, veganism is becoming an increasingly popular way of life. The vegan way of life extends into dietary restrictions, clothing restrictions and even environmental restrictions. Similar to vegetarians, vegans do not eat meat. However, they also don’t eat any food or buy any materials made from animal origin including consuming milk, cheese, eggs or buying anything made with leather or fur. The list goes on.

People are vegan for many different reasons. Religion, culture, animal rights, sustainability and diet, just to name a few. If you aren’t sure if that handbag has a leather strap or if that gift basket contains cheese, you may want to consider buying them a vegan friendly gift that is sensitive to their lifestyle and supports nature at the same time. 


Culinary Herb Starter Kit 

Many vegans will tell you, they had to relearn how to cook when they became vegan. Substitutions for butter, milk and other products of animal origin had to be worked into their meals. One thing is certain, cooking with herbs and plants is a regular occurrence. A culinary herb starter kit will give them the option of having herbs they cook with directly in the comfort of their own home without having to make countless trips to the grocery store or nearest farmers market. 

Vegan Recipe Book / Magazine Subscription

Experimentation is one way to cook vegan, but it is always good to have a little extra help when starting your vegan journey. A vegan recipe book or magazine subscription will have the step-by-step recipe guides to help learn all the plant-based substitutions and to make delicious meals! 

Herbal Tea Starter Kit

Vegan or not, a delightful cup of tea is perfect for the morning, afternoon or evening hours. An herbal tea starter kit will allow them to grow their own herbs made for making tea at home. Whether it is chamomile or lavender, there is an herbal tea for every taste. 


Vegetable Spiralizer 

A pretty palette will definitely make the meal more of a treat! A vegetable spiralizer can turn practically any vegetable into spiral noodle-shaped masterpieces. A nice touch if you want to kick the vegan meal up a few notches! 


Jute Burlap Grow Bags 

Does your vegan friend like to garden? Grow bags make the perfect place to grow herbs, plants, vegetables and fruits because of their breathability and resistance to moisture. Too much moisture can cause root rot in some plants. They come equipped with sturdy seams and a drainage hole too! Unlike felt grow bags, jute burlap grow bags are natural looking and 100% recyclable. They are strong enough to be used multiple times over. 

Magnetic Spice Rack 

As mentioned before, a lot of herbs and spices will be used in a vegan diet! A magnetic spice rack will help keep things organized and easily accessible. Making meals just become so much faster! 

Bonsai Seed Boxes 

There is nothing quite like growing a bonsai tree from seed to fully mature bonsai. Once, they are grown, the art of bonsai is a practice that inspires meditation and relaxation. The trimming, cutting and care of a bonsai makes each bonsai shape unique and personal to the caretaker. More than just growing a plant, bonsai trees are remarkably impressive in their aesthetic beauty and quality. This may very well become your friends new favorite hobby! 

Cactus and Succulent Seed Starter Kits 

Just because you only eat plants, doesn’t mean you are great at growing them! The easiest plants to care for once you know how, cacti and succulents are a wonderful gift even for those without a green thumb. Once grown, these easy-to-care for plants make incredible decor and centerpieces for your home. 

You can leave the guessing out of it! These natural vegan gifts will be appreciated by your seasoned vegan friend to your fresh start vegan friend. If you want to add a little something extra with these gifts, always remember to check the labels first! 


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