Caring for Your Bonsai as a Beginner

May 01, 2019

Caring for Your Bonsai as a Beginner

There are some plants that are much more temperamental than others. The bonsai is known to be one of these. However, it is a myth. There are some people who assume if a plant can’t be left for months without a single trim or a drop of water, it means they are difficult to care for. Even as a beginner, with the proper care and maintenance, you can have a beautiful and well cared for bonsai capable of flourishing. Familiarize yourself with these beginner bonsai plant care tips for a naturally stunning home decoration or office accent.


Know your tree. Some species of bonsai require watering once a week. While others require once or twice a month. The way to water your bonsai is the same no matter the species. Feel the topsoil of your tree. If it feels completely dry, place the bonsai in a basin of water. Similar to a tree, water is absorbed through the roots. Once air bubbles rise to the top, your bonsai is fully watered. Use distilled or filtered water. Depending on the area you live, the water from the faucets can be filled with all sorts of impurities. Best to not give this to your tree. The quality of the water can affect the condition of your tree.



Getting the right soil is very important for the health of your bonsai. Use high-quality soil that drains quickly while retaining water. Be sure to use fertilizer. Fertilizer is for the soil. It holds basic nutrients to maintain healthy soil for your bonsai to thrive in. Fertilizer should only be used during growth season and when your bonsai is not sick.



Your bonsai needs plenty of sunlight. Direct sunlight works best. Outside would be ideal. However, if you want to keep your bonsai as a home or office accent, place wherever there is plenty of sunlight. Keep a spray bottle handy with distilled or filtered water inside. Spritz your tree to prevent drying and to balance the humidity level for your tree.



Pruning your bonsai is to maintain its shape as it grows. However, it is also for removing dead leaves and branches. The need to remove dead growth is not only for aesthetic purposes, but also it takes valuable water and nutrients away from the healthy, living parts of the tree. Removing the bad parts will ultimately make the good parts even healthier. Trimming top growth will ensure new growth appears. The art of shaping your bonsai is the main attraction towards these beautiful miniature trees.

As you can see, caring for a bonsai requires a little more work than some other plants. However, the play is equally as rewarding. Not only do bonsai trees make beautiful accents, but they stimulate both creativity and relaxation. Grow your own bonsai to experience the enriching gifts of a bonsai tree. As the caregiver, you will see from seed to tree is a cherished journey.


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