Celebrate Halloween with Nature Inspired Activities

October 29, 2019

Celebrate Halloween with Nature Inspired Activities

Halloween is a great time to explore the wonderful world of witches. In folklore and other tales, witches are known to be powerful sorcerers deeply connected to the earth. They are capable of concocting deadly elixirs, performing magical spells and even transforming their appearance to trick other people. While it is tons of fun dressing up like a witch for Halloween, you can truly enhance the holiday by celebrating witches this Halloween with nature inspired activities. 

Make Your Own Elixir 

Using homegrown herbs and plants found in your garden, you can create your own elixirs. Aside from the herbs you will use, the two most important ingredients are the choice of bottle and the food coloring. Pick a bottle that is creepy and clear enough to see through. For food coloring, stick to green, purple and even dark red. Choose an herb such as peppermint leaves or basil leaves. Use a mortar and pestle to crush the herbs to release all of the oils. Add your crushed herbs to the jar. Fill the remainder of your jar with apple cider vinegar. Add food coloring to the mixture.

They will need to steep for several weeks before they can actually be used for herbal medicine or culinary purposes. For your witchy Halloween activities, they will work like a charm displayed on a Halloween mantle. For that extra spooky look, you may even choose to add labels to the jar such as “TOXIC” “POISON” or “WITCHES ELIXIR.” 

Grow Your Own Indoor Plants

As you know, witches love the outdoors. There are even some tales of witches living outside among the plants, trees and animals. While you may not be up for living in the forest, you can bring the outdoors inside of your home for Halloween. Herbal tea starter kits and culinary herb starter kits provide everything you need to start planting an indoor garden. As they mature, you may want to replant them outdoors or continue to trim them back as you use their leaves for cooking. There is nothing more witchy than growing your own plants to be used any which way you want! 


Go Poison Apple Picking

Well, they may not be actually poisonous, but you can make a few appear like they are. The tale of Snow White and the witch who gave her a poisonous apple is one of the most famous stories involving apples. There are many apple orchards open especially during Halloween. Gather as many apples as you like and bring them home with you. Keep some to eat, of course! Combine epoxy resin and acrylic paint. Pour the combined mixture over your apples. Choose lime green, jet black or blood red for your paint. They will take a day or more to dry. Once they are done, add them to your creepy Halloween display. Warning: these apples cannot be eaten! 

Craft a Witches Brew 

Witches enjoy crafting spells just as much as they enjoy crafting tasty brews. A delicious homemade stew for this season is the perfect meal to be served on Halloween night. Be sure whichever stew recipe you choose has plenty of homegrown plants, pungent spices and aromatic herbs to fill your home with their powerful scents. To bring in the witchy flavor, add labels to the bowls served that read, “EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK” or “WITCHES BREW.” 

Halloween can be more than just candy and costumes! Give these nature-inspired ideas a shot this Halloween to bring out the witch in you!


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