Extra! Extra! Read All About It!: Our New Rainbow Salad Starter Kit

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!: Our New Rainbow Salad Starter Kit

Are you excited for yet another fun vegetable starter kit? We sure are! As with our last two grow kits, this one also features yet more unique varieties that are not so common in the classic veggie garden. We like to keep things switched up and excited around here!

Our newest Rainbow Salad Starter Kit has four mouthwatering seed types that are sure to add some variety to your garden rows and add multitudes of color to your kitchen plates! 


What Will I Find in This Kit? 

This product comes with everything you need to get started from seed to sprout! Everything in the kit comes beautifully packaged inside a real wooden box with a dual purpose of a planter box. Inside it, you will find 4 burlap starter pots, 4 expandable peat soil disks, sprout sheers, 4 bamboo plant markers, and a comprehensive and user-friendly instruction manual. 


As with all of our other products, you'll get all the growing support your heart desires! We do our absolute very best to go above and beyond to be there for our customers whenever they need it! We have an enthusiastic team of gardening experts & horticulturists available to answer questions and a Grower Help Bot ( named Sprout) that works through Facebook Messenger. We also have a private Facebook Grower Community for additional support from other customers & advice from our horticulturists and instructional videos. You can also share your own sprout progress and interact with other growers there!


Here's the scoop on the veggie seeds you'll get in this kit:

Let's talk about the varieties themselves!

  1. Fiesta Radish; These root vegetables are sure to be the life of your party! The colors range from bright red, purple, rosy pink, soft yellow, and white. Crisp and vibrant, the flavors range from mild and delicate to sharp and spicey! 
  2. Golden Beets; Although there isn't a pot of gold at the bottom of our rainbow salad kit, you can find some yummy beet seeds! The colors range from gold, pale brown to deep orange. When you cut them open, the inside is a lovely gold to yellow color with white rings of sunshine throughout the root! When cooked, they are said to have a smoother texture and sweeter, milder flavor than your average red beet varieties. 
  3. Lemon Cucumber; This small, tennis ball-size variety is similar in shape and color to an actual lemon. It is a heavy producer and has a longer growing season than regular cucumbers, making it an excellent choice for your growing space! This easy-to-grow cucumber variety does not taste like its namesake. Due to being low in cucurbitacin, the taste is less bitter and milder and sweeter than a green cucumber. It is perfect for one or two-portion servings and growing in kid's gardens!
  4. Red Lettuce; This variety is very versatile and often used in the culinary world. It's favored since it has a long leaf production and does not bolt as easily as other lettuces. The leaves' edges start out bright red to dark burgundy and fade inwards to a white or light green stalk. The leaves have a mildly sweet and earthy flavor and can also get a more bitter, hazelnut like flavor as it matures. 


The seeds in all our indoor/outdoor garden kits, including this one, are always grown in the USA! They are tested at a 90%+ germination rate before being placed in our seed packets. Our seeds are also all Non-GMO and Heirloom and (when available) USDA Certified Organic!


Are you ready to purchase your very own Rainbow Salad Garden? Click here!


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