Gardening for Children: Teaching Your Kids How to Garden 

September 18, 2019

Gardening for Children: Teaching Your Kids How to Garden 

From television and smartphones to tablets and electronic toys, many children spend a large chunk of their time away from nature and inside of the house. The days of enjoying nature do not have to be forgotten! Teaching your kids how to grow their own plants, take care of plants and maintain a garden will encourage an appreciation for nature while helping them to learn a new skill at the same time. It is a great family bonding opportunity that children of all ages can enjoy. 

Start from scratch 

One of the best ways to begin teaching your kids how to garden is starting from a seed. Herbs are a great place to start. Herbs such as basil, parsley, cilantro and thyme grow relatively quickly and abundantly. Getting a culinary herb seed starter kit will provide all the essentials including soil, containers, markers and seeds. Once the herbs grow to be harvested, you can give your kids a taste of the plants they grew from scratch or you can show your kids how to use them in cooking. 

Give them choices of what to grow 

To further spark their interest, give them a choice of herbs, plants, flowers or fruits and veggies to choose from. Herbs like lemon balm, chamomile and mint are relatively easy to grow from a seed. Succulents and cacti seed starter kits are also a great choice! Make sure to do your research about each plant too! Provide them with options that have a good chance of growing whether they are planted outdoors or indoors depending on the season. 

Try Indoor plants

If we do not have the space to start a garden outdoors or we are planning an area to start a garden, indoor plant starter kits are a great alternative to growing outside. Once the plants get large enough, you can teach them how to transfer their potted plants to larger grow bags or to the soil outdoors. 

Children of all ages 

Children of all ages can be assigned fun and helpful tasks. Even kids as young as two years old can help out. Toddlers love getting their hands into everything! All you have to do is see the way they eat their macaroni during dinnertime. Allow them to use touch by adding soil to the containers or pouring a ¼ cup of water into the soil. Children several years older can be given the more important tasks, like pressing the seeds into the soil and harvesting the plants when they are ready to be used. For teenagers, you can show them how to do their own personal plant using step-by-step instructions. Be sure to explain the different tools needed and ins-and-outs of plant growth. 


You will find how simple it is to involve your children in caring for plants and gardening once you start. Their eyes will light up when they see the first signs of life sprout from the soil beneath!  As you add to your family garden, continue to teach them the many joys of nature, they will have a new outlook on the world around them! 


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