Gift Ideas for Nature Lovers

September 10, 2019

Gift Ideas for Nature Lovers

We all have a friend who loves nature and the great outdoors. Whether they are asking you to explore a new hiking trail, watching nature documentaries or planting something new in their garden, immersing themselves in all things nature is one of their favorite pastimes! The holidays are fast approaching and getting ahead of the curve on holiday shopping before the season begins is beneficial to avoid the mad rush! No matter the occasion, you want the nature lover in your life to enjoy their nature-friendly gift, we’ve got you covered! 

Identification Books 

Any true nature lover enjoys a good identification book. Reference and guide books are an excellent way to learn the technical names of specific terrain, formations, plants, animals, rocks and minerals. The top guide and identification books will come with visual references. That special person in your life may already know their stuff but it will be a great learning tool incase they want to share with someone else or if they’ve missed anything!   

High-end Compass 

For the nature lover in your life that loves to go off the beaten trail, a high-end compass will keep them safe when hiking in remote locations. Electronic devices like cell phones and even handheld navigation systems need to be charged and may not work when out in the wilderness. Look for a compass that is waterproof, shakeproof and capable of lighting up when it gets dark. With a high-end compass, they will always find their way home.  

Cactus Succulent Seed Starter Kit 

You may have seen blooming cacti and succulents in plant and flower nurseries. Giving your nature lover a plant may seem pretty bland, why not give them a cactus succulent seed starter kit so they can grow their own from scratch? They can put their skills to the test! These cactus succulent seed starter kits come with everything they need to get them started. 


Jute Burlap Grow Bags 

Trust us, your gardening friend can never have enough grow bags! Any avid plant grower will put them to good use when starting new plants from seedlings or transferring plants that need more breathable space to grow. Natural jute burlap grow bags are mold resistant, attractive and 100% recyclable. They are capable of being used over and over again. 


Nature Activity Memberships

Perhaps they would like to get to know more people interested in nature-related hobbies or they would like to learn more about the nature-related activity they enjoy. Do your research to find out what nature clubs are in their area. Lapidaries are great for people who love rockhounding and learning about rocks and minerals. There are gardening clubs, arborist clubs, herbalist clubs, fishing clubs and even group hiking clubs. Some places may not provide what they are looking for, always be sure to find out the details first before buying them a membership. 

Bird and Butterfly Feeders

If your nature loving friend spends a lot of time at home, they may want to bring more nature to them. Bird and butterfly feeders make beautiful outdoor decorations that allow winged pals to come right to their front or backdoor. Be sure to include a bag of bird food or butterfly food with the feeders to get them started. 

Bonsai Tree Seed Kit 

Similar to cactus succulent seed starter kits, bonsai tree seed starter kits are for the true nature lover. The art of bonsai is a meditative and creative practice that any nature lover will enjoy taking the time to learn and to care for. These bonsai tree seed kits come with all the essentials to make growing them from start to finish a rewarding experience. 

Nature is the greatest show on earth and the nature lover in your life wants to be apart of it! They will love adding to their collection, expanding their knowledge and putting it to good use whether at home or in the great outdoors! 


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