Growing Your Own Herbs

February 07, 2019

Growing Your Own Herbs

With all the pesticides and GMO's in our fruits and veggies, it's no surprise that more and more of us are turning to organic and non-gmo plants in our diets. But when perusing the grocery store or market, looking for the right stuff can be time-consuming and costly. It turns out growing our own fruits and vegetables is the perfect solution but if we've never tried our hand at it before, where do we begin?

Like any savvy business person will tell you, starting small and expanding is the best possible way to start any new venture.

Growing your own indoor herbs is a great place to start. You won't need to worry about space, weather or tending to them outdoors. An indoor herb garden starter kit will put you in the right direction. Here's how:

Different herbs call for different care

This means different heirloom seeds will require you to care for them differently (water, sunlight, seed spacing, etc.) and as a result, it will help your hand in working with larger plants in the future.

Herbs grow in the containers they are planted in

This means your herbs will grow to the size of the pot they are contained in. This makes it easier to care for them and to keep them inside.

Herbs have multi-purposes

Whether it be sprucing up your favorite dish, trying new recipes, making potpourri, a scented sachet or a mixed drink, herbs can take your cooking and your crafting to the next level.

Starting from a seed

If you've never grown anything from scratch before, herbs are one of the few plants that sprout quickly and easily from a seed. You can't really go wrong, whether or not you consider yourself to have a "green thumb.”

When growing your own herbs, you know what you are getting because you are growing it yourself from start to finish plus it saves you a trip to the grocery store. There’s nothing better than bragging to your dinner guests that you grew the herbs yourself!

DIY grow kits are a great starter to a full-fledge herb garden and once you experience the fun - you may never want to stop! Plus, DIY garden kits for growing herbs are great for those who love to cook, start new hobbies, or live all-around healthier lives!

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