Herbal Tea: The Drink of Choice for Centuries

August 20, 2019

Herbal Tea: The Drink of Choice for Centuries

 Across the globe and spanning many cultures, tea has been the drink of choice for over a millenia. In fact, a famous Chinese legend describes the Emperor of China and inventor of Chinese Medicine, Shennong, discovering tea by mistake. In 2737 BCE, he required his subjects to boil water before drinking it. Upon drinking the cup of boiled water, a few leaves fell into the cup that were blown by a gust of wind from a nearby tree. The leaves changed the scent, color and taste of the water. He was impressed by the delicious taste and the restorative properties the tea provided.

Today, tea remains a popular choice among multiple cultures for its various beneficial and customary uses. 



Before modern medicine, tea was used as the primary healing agent for a multitude of ailments. Apothecaries carried various herbs and spices to be used in medicinal tea blends. Today, tea is still used as a natural and organic solution to health issues. For example, lemon balm tea is used to reduce anxiety, lavender tea is used to eliminate stomach cramping and echinacea is used to treat upper respiratory infections. Some pharmaceutical grade medications use herbs like lemon balm in their formulas. 



Hot water by itself is believed to provide benefits to your digestive system. It helps to break down foods and to cleanse the system of toxins. Hot water combined with herbal teas such as chamomile and mint provide even more assistance to the digestive system by reducing bloating, cramping and inflammation. 


Aromatic Beverage 

Simply the flavor and aroma of tea is cherished as a tasty and aromatic beverage. Other than water, it is the most frequently consumed beverage on the planet. With the incredibly vast amount of tea selection available, there is a flavor that meets almost every person’s preference. 



Nearly every culture has incorporated tea in a ceremonial or ritualistic practice. In China, tea is offered to the bride and groom as respect for their adjoining families during a wedding ceremony. In Japan, the tea ceremony is presented to visitors for both entertainment and as a spiritual offering. In England and in the United States, “tea time” is a ritual gathering between friends and family members taking place in the afternoon. In Arab cultures, tea is part of socialization and teaching the youth domestic adult skills. 


From its roots until today, tea remains the drink of choice for centuries. Tea was once an extremely expensive commodity to possess. Fortunately, these days, the herbs needed for tea can be started as seeds and grown directly in the comfort of your own home. 

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