Herbs That Can Help You When You’re Sick

April 16, 2019

Herbs That Can Help You When You’re Sick

“Physician Heal Thyself,” is an ancient proverb that still applies today. Running straight to the doctor whenever we are feeling sick can become a nuisance. Some of us find out we have a mild allergic reaction or just a one day bug that never required a trip to the doctor. Some of us never go to the doctor at all because it makes us feel uncomfortable. Both can cause more trouble in our life than needed. It is good to trust your doctor and take professional advice but it is also wise to learn about at-home treatments and herbal remedies you can try first.  

Insomnia & Anxiety

Not all illnesses are physical. Sometimes we find our bodies can have a physical reaction to stressors and we can’t pinpoint the cause. There are herbs that can help with insomnia and anxiety. Kava is a plant native to the islands in the Pacific Ocean. The root is turned into a powder that can be made into a tea to help calm and relax you. Valerian root has similar effects. Another fresh herb that can help reduce anxiety and stress is thyme. Eat fresh thyme regularly by adding it to your meals. It is an excellent source of vitamin B6 which is a natural stress reliever.

Poor Circulation

Poor circulation isn’t always the sign of an unhealthy heart, it could be a combination of factors. If you experience pain, consult a physician. However, if you are regularly experiencing pins and needles in your hands, arms, legs and feet, it may be a sign of inadequate blood flow. Herbs such as basil and thyme are a natural way to help improve blood flow and healthy heart function. They are jammed packed with nutrients that relax muscles and blood vessels.

Digestion and Stomach Cramping

Bloating, cramping and stomach pain can be caused from the foods we eat, stress in our lives or gastrointestinal issues. Fresh parsley and cilantro in your diet will help with stomach relief. They are excellent for the digestive system and can prevent diarrhea and stomach cramping.  

Cuts and Burns

Aloe Vera is a natural disinfectant with skin soothing abilities. Break open a piece of fresh aloe vera and spread the goo from the inner leaf directly on your cut, scrape or burn. It does not sting and it soothes the wound. Aloe Vera is used anywhere from sunburn to mild skin lesions.

Before pharmacies and modern medicine, apothecaries carried the fresh herbs needed to help heal the sick. Much of the modern medicine on the market shares similar properties as fresh herbs as they used herbs and plants as the basis supporting their research. Having your own personal apothecary at home starts with a home garden. Many of these herbs and plants can be grown on your own, found at a grocery store or herbal remedy store. If you experience any of these issues, try at-home herbal remedies first. If the problem persists always consult a professional physician to be sure it isn’t something more serious. A little knowledge on herbal solutions goes a long way especially when using them in everyday life!


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