Most Popular Indoor Succulents

July 30, 2019

Most Popular Indoor Succulents

Succulents are incredibly diverse. There are thousands of different succulents varying in shapes, sizes and colors. The outstanding variety of succulents to choose from can be overwhelming. Within each genus, there could be over 50 species of succulents in one family. Fortunately, we helped narrow it down for you by providing short and concise descriptions of the most popular indoor succulents. 


A genus consisting of over 100 species of flowering succulents. They are native to southern Africa. Many are called “Ice Plants.” They resemble ice crystals because of their sparkling globular formations on their stems and leaves. 


A genus consisting of over 50 species of succulents from the far west of South Africa. They are typically stemless with rounded blue-green leaves resembling stones. They are called “living stones.” The leaves form at ground level in small clumps. The round and eye-shaped leaves have a cleft in the middle. When they flower, they grow daisy-like flowers in various colors. 


A genus consisting of over 40 species of succulent plants native to southern Africa. They are small plants with leaves that form at ground level. Similarly to Argyroderma, their leaves resemble stones. Their leaves can be thick and padded with a cleft in the center or clustered together. Some lithops flower. The flower appears to grow through the center of the leaves. Other names for lithop succulents are called “pebble plants, flowering stones, living stones and mimicry plants” because of their appearance. 



A genus consisting of over 12 species of succulent plants native to South Africa, Australia and South America. They are another ground level succulent. The leaves are padded, slender and grow upwards towards the sky. This genus can sprout daisy-like flowers in multiple colors. Some species from this genus are edible. 


A genus that consists of 100 species of flowering succulent perennial plants native to Namibia and South Africa. Most form in clumps while some others are shrubby. The patterns of the leaves differ in size and shape. They are generally slender and velvety to the touch. The daisy-like flowers that grow from them are typically yellow with occasional red, pink or purple tipped petals. 



A genus that consists of 200 species of succulent plants native to many places around the world. Distinct species are native to the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The popular jade plant or "money tree" is a crassula. Many crassulas have thick and wedge-shaped leaves. Crassulas come in a variety of colors from green to purple to red-tipped leaves.



A genus consisting of 33 species of succulents native to the Cape Province of South Africa and the Karoo Desert. They are a subtropical flowering succulent. The edges of the leaves look like animal teeth. Their leaves are thick and triangular. Typically, they are green but may turn purple when in strong light. The flowers are yellow and sprout in the center of the rosette. 



A genus of succulent plant native to Namaqualand in Namibia. The only species is the Fenestraria rhopalophylla. Another name for the species is called “babies’ toes” because of the appearance of the plump, stubby and cylindrical leaves. They resemble tiny toes. They are rounded and transparent at the top. Yellow flowers grow from this species.  

You can start your indoor succulent from a seed or buy one already grown. Succulent grow kits make it easier to care for your succulent. Knowing the most popular indoor succulents will help you make the best choice when exploring the vast world of succulents! 


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