Need A Valentines Day Gift For Your Loved One? We Can Help You Out!

Need A Valentines Day Gift For Your Loved One? We Can Help You Out!

Are you looking for an extraordinary Valentine's day gift to wow your sweetie? Are you looking for a gift for the grandparent that loves to garden, your parent that wants to try out a new hobby, or a special gift for your best friend that shows them just how much you care? Look no further; we gotcha covered with multiple options that says "I love you"! 

 Our starter/grow kits are perfect gifts for everyone! We have them in all kinds of options, from different Vegetables, Edible Flowers, and Herbs kits to non-culinary kits such as Bonsai and Cactus! They come with everything you need to grow a little garden, whether your loved one only has a small indoor space to grow or a spacious outdoor garden! They include:


  •  - 4 Types of seeds
  •  - 4 Burlap pots
  •  - 4 Bamboo Markers
  •  - 4 Soil discs
  •  - Instruction manual
  •  - And around the clock grower support! You can reach us on our website, by email, or Facebook whenever help is needed! There's even a private Grower Community that you can access with the unique registration code that comes in each kit!

 Below, you'll find some ideas on what kit to give to whom!


 For Your Lovely Lady! - Edible Flower Kit                                      
Give this kit to the lady in your life to remind her that she is beautiful and elegant, just like a flower! This kit comes with four flower types: Cornflower, Shasta Daisy, Viola Tricolor, and Pot Marigold. They can be grown to top culinary dishes and drinks or to add some color to your home and garden!


For Your Handsome Hunk – Bonsai Grow Kit       
This is the perfect gift for the man in your life to show him that you are grateful for weathering the storms of life with you! It comes with four carefully selected tree types: Colorado Blue Spruce, Brazilian Rosewood, Flame Tree, and Black Spruce seeds. If he's already an avid Bonsai grower, you can get him the 8-variety Bonsai Seed Starter Set, which has the above 4, plus 4 more! 

 For Your Mother – Culinary Herbs Kit
Is your mom a wiz in the kitchen? This is the perfect gift for her to give back some of the Tender Loving Care she provided you throughout your childhood (and probably even now!). It contains Cilantro, Genovese Basil, Large Leaf Italian Parsley, and English Thyme seeds. If she has lots of space, you could step it up and get her the 10 Variety Culinary Herb Seed Set!


For Your Father – Spicy Pepper or Cactus & Succulent Kit
Does your father love to cook, a grill master, or an avid Gardner? Either one of these sets would be a great way to show all your love and appreciation for him! The pepper kit comes with Jalapeno, Habanero, Cayenne, and Anaheim seed varieties. The Cactus/Succulent kit comes with 2 cactus and 2 succulents seed mixes, each containing different types.


For Grandpa and Grandma- Herbal Tea Kit                        
What a better way to say "thank you" for all the warmth, hugs, and kisses they've added to your lives?! They will get relaxing Lavender, calming Chamomile, zesty lemon balm, and heart-warming Peppermint seeds to grow for tea. If they love to garden, you could get them the 10-Variety Herbal Seed Set!

For Your Bestie- Rainbow Salad or Exotic Veggie Kits
Need a thoughtful gift for the friend that's always been there for you? The one that sticks out from the rest of your friend group? Either of these kits would be a unique way to say, "You're the best!" The Rainbow Salad kit comes with eye-catching Romanesco Broccoli, festive Lemon Cucumber, colorful Rainbow Swiss-Chard, and dazzling Purple Dragon Carrot seeds. The Exotic Veggie Kit comes with Fiesta Radish, sun-ray-filled Golden Beets, crimson Red Lettuce, and bring Lemon Cucumber seeds.


We hope this helps you decide which kit to get for the special person to tell them, "I love you, bunches!" If you need further help to decide what to get or have questions before purchase, please contact on our website or email us; and we’ll help ya pick the perfect gift!

 Happy Valentine's Day! 

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