The Therapeutic Art of Growing a Bonsai

The Therapeutic Art of Growing a Bonsai

The average person spends up to 85% of their entire day indoors, which isn’t very surprising when you consider how technologically advanced our society has become. Living in a fast paced society means that there isn’t much time to relax, so we decompress through things social media, television, and social events. Gardening seems to be a long lost hobby for Americans, but it provides a plethora of physical and mental health benefits. If you’ve never gardened before, try a Bonsai kit!


Growing a Bonsai Could Improve Your Blood Pressure

If you are just one of the many people who suffer from some form of anxiety, growing a Bonsai tree just might be the holistic therapy for your ailment. In addition to improving mental health, your Bonsai can also lower the risk of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and depression if you choose to garden as a way to get some physical exercise in.  While it’s not cardio or weight training, Bonsai trees are a calming exercise, like yoga.


Fruits of Your Labor

Who doesn’t like being rewarded for all their hard work? It feels great, and gives you a sense of accomplishment. If you want a challenge, try growing a Bonsai produces fruit, such as peaches, pears, apples, and grapes. Or you could try a blackberry tree, they’re seasonal and tend to have great production during the spring!

Keep in mind that if you do choose to grow a fruit tree, the non-organic fruit from your grocery may grow into a tree, but there is no guarantee that it will produce anything. Instead, purchase some seeds or a grow kit just to be sure that you actually get to harvest after years of tending to your Bonsai.

Bonsai Trees Give You Creative Freedom

When you’re growing and shaping your tree, there aren’t any rules about how it should turn out. There are traditional options that you can look to for ideas, but the overall look of how your Bonsai turns out is completely dependent on how you picture the outcome in your mind. We don’t always get to choose what time traffic starts up, what to wear to work, or what kind of mishaps will pop up in our lives. You can do whatever you want with your Bonsai though!

You Don’t Have to Do Much Thinking

It’s definitely important to make time for things like reading and learning about new topics. On the other hand, students who are buried in homework for example probably don’t want to go home and read a novel. Tending to a Bonsai tree is a form of positive work that’s mostly mechanical. There isn’t a due date or any serious stipulations that go with growing your tree. All you have to do is water it, prune it, shape it, and give it plenty of nutrients and sunlight for survival.

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