Top 6 Kitchen Gifts for Women

November 20, 2019

Top 6 Kitchen Gifts for Women

As we know, both women and men love to cook! For the holidays coming up, let’s focus on the ladies. Kitchen gifts for women are a wonderful way to show her you love her cooking and you want her to feel appreciated. These kitchen gifts will make time spent in the kitchen faster, more convenient and make her homemade meals even tastier than they already are! 

1. Custom Family Recipe Towels 

Every good cook has a family recipe they rely on for that favorite family meal. Custom family recipe towels can transfer the handwritten recipe onto a dish towel as a sweet and subtle reminder of her favorite family recipe. 


2. Hot and Spicy Pepper Starter Kit 

This fiery pepper starter kit will save trips to the farmers market and the grocery store by growing fresh peppers. They can be grown indoors in a window or countertop, or transferred outdoors in your home garden. The kit comes with all the essentials needed including pots, potting soil and seeds with 4 different kinds of peppers for those spicy dishes she loves to make! 

3. Hand Chopper 

It can be tedious work chopping every vegetable needed for the perfect recipe. Hand choppers will cut down on prep work time in the kitchen by popping a fruit or vegetable inside the container and pressing on the chopper to do most of the work for her. 


4. Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit 

She needs those fresh herbs handy! An indoor herb garden starter kit comes with the most used herbs in the kitchen fresh for the picking. Organic and non-GMO, she will know where her fresh herbs come from. They come directly from the pots, potting soil and seeds she plants herself. She can place them on her windowsill for handfuls of fresh thyme, basil, parsley and cilantro whenever needed. You can pair this with 5-blade herb scissors which makes it faster to cut and chop herbs. 

5. Adjustable Rolling Pin 

Those scrumptious, homemade, thin cookies can be made quickly and easily with an adjustable rolling pin. The rolling pin has slip-on rings that flatten the dough to the exact measurement. No more hassle trying to thin them out or risk of the dough ripping! 

6. Veggie Washer 

Before cutting our veggies, we need to wash them first! The problem is, now we have to dry them! Not with a veggie washer. She can place her veggies in this handheld washer, run them underwater, then press down on the center. The center spins the veggies until nearly all the moisture comes off of them. Now that is convenient! 

These are our top 6 picks for the lady in your life that loves to cook. These kitchen gifts for women are designed to make cooking time faster, easier and more fun! She will love them. Bon appétit!


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