Garden Republic Has Gifts For Those That Are Hard To Shop For!

November 02, 2020

Stumped on what to get that "hard to shop for" person on your holiday list? No worries, we've got you covered!

Nothing like the holidays to put pressure on a person to explore how well they know a person. Do they like sweaters, if so what color? Are they a wine person, if so, red or white. Ahhh! So many choices. Why not give the universally appreciated and thoughtful gift of seeds? Choose one of these Garden Republic Kits and watch the smiles light up the room. 

Garden Republic Succulent Grow Kit

Cacti and Succulent Grow Kit
If you feel like your tough-to-shop-for friend is up for a challenge, think about getting them the Cacti and Succulent Grow Kit. This kit comes with a blend of different desert and heat loving plants that will be sure to challenge the gardener in your life that effortlessly grows everything.

This kit comes with assorted varieties of both cacti and succulents which will slowly develop into beautiful, desert plants such as Agave, Barrel Cactus, Beavertail, Yucca and a few others! What plant pops up is all dependent on the environment they’re started in.

Get Stuck On A Cacti Kit Today!

Garden Republic Bonsai Bonanza Grow Kit
Everyone Loves Our Bonsai Bonanza Grow Kit
Whether your gift recipient is a novice gardener or a well-seasoned horticulture buff, our Bonsai Grow kit is perfect! There is very little in the gardening world as gratifying as watching a tree erupt from vacant soil and start its journey skyward. The Bonsai kit is truly a gift that will last a lifetime, and have the potential of being passed down for generations!

The tree seeds included in the Bonsai Grow Kit are (but subject to change depending on seasonality and availability): Colorado Blue Spruce, Black Spruce, Brazilian Rosewood, and our favorite, the Flame Tree (Delonix regina)

Check out the Bonsai Bonanza Here!

Garden Republic Bonsai Seed Set
Also available is our Bonsai seed-only set, which includes eight different seeds and plant markers. 

Perfect for your novice or expert gardener friend or family member! Tree varieties in this set include: Japanese Black Pine, Black Spruce, Colorado Blue Spruce, Siberian Elm, Buddha Tree (Ficus), Dawn Redwood, Flame Tree, and Brazilian Rosewood

See Seeds Only Set Here

Garden Republic Herbs In The Burbs Grow Kit
Flavor Up Your Friend With A Culinary Herb Grow Kit
Herbs are incredibly expensive if you buy them fresh at the grocery store, and beyond that, who knows where they’ve come from and if they’re organic or not. Our Culinary Herb Grow Kit, Herbs in the ‘Burbs, comes with everything needed to start a mini-herb farm. That hard to shop for friend will be growing harvestable herbs in no time!

Culinary Herb Seeds Include: Basil (perfect for pesto), Thyme (chicken recipes best friend), Cilantro (did someone say salsa?), and Parsley (garnish galore!)

Also available in a seed only set, complete with ten different mouth watering herbs. Check them out here!

Tantalize Their Taste Buds With An Exotic Veggie Grow Kit
Anyone can grow a boring old cucumber, but who do you know is growing an exotic Lemon Cucumber? The Exotic Veggie Kit includes some fun, easy-to-grow, and tasty culinary variations to some of your produce aisle favorites.

Exotic Seed Varieties Include: Romanesco Broccoli, Dragon Carrots, Rainbow Chard, and Lemon Cucumber

Get Exotic Here!


Garden Republic Edible Flower Grow Kit
Get Way Outside The Box With An Edible Flower Grow Kit
What’s more exciting that a plant you can both enjoy the beauty of and eat! The Edible Flower Grow It is packed full of easy to grow flowers that are both pick-able and edible. Garnish soups, decorate cakes, or just much on a bloom or two, the possibilities are endless!

Flower Seed varieties include: Pot Marigold (also known as calendula), Shasta Daisy (beautiful for picking and eating), Viola, and blue cornflower.

Get Edible Flowers Here!

Why seeds as stocking stuffers?
Our Garden Republic Seed Sets come with some of the best assortments of seeds on the market. We only pack our seed sets with verified non-gmo seeds and have them tested for germination before ever packing them up. All of our seeds are tested at an over 90% germination rate, which assure you that the recipient of your gift will have the best of luck getting them to sprout!

Our seeds also come with an almost 24/7 customer support team to assist them in their growing adventure. During business hours, we have a team of experts answering emails and instant messages that come through. After hours, we let our friendly automated garden bot, “Sprout,” take over. Many times he can answer all the questions, but when he gets stumped, our team will answer them first thing in the morning. The kit also includes a very special code that will gain access to our private Facebook Growing Community, which is full of tips, tricks and helpful videos on how to be the best seed sprouter as can be!

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