5 Creative Uses for Your Bonsai

5 Creative Uses for Your Bonsai

The majestic bonsai tree is a beautiful plant capable of captivating even those who don’t have many plants or have never tended to a garden. If thinking of acquiring a bonsai or giving one as a gift, there are many creative uses for your bonsai that go beyond simply it’s attractive appearance.  


There are many ways to meditate. For some, it is sitting quietly with eyes closed. For others, it is stretching and breathing like in yoga. There are even those that find painting on a canvas or strumming a guitar helpful forms of meditation. The practice of pruning and trimming your bonsai is another form of meditation. In fact, the shaping of the bonsai is used in zen buddhism which focuses on the acceptance of imperfection and impermanence.This concept known as wabi-sabi is the reason many bonsai trees have an asymmetrical shape.


Natural Home Accent

Bonsai’s make excellent indoor plants. They are perfect home accents for a variety of settings from mid-century modern and minimalist to Japanese and Asian-inspired design themes. They add a touch of greenery and a natural charm to an interior space and are a common accent for those interested in the art of feng shui. Place in your home or in your office to spruce up the design.  


Symbolic Gift

The bonsai tree is steeped in symbolism. It represents harmony, tranquility and balance. The bonsai is a miniature version of a full-grown tree. This demonstrates both the strength and simplicity of the bonsai. They make excellent gifts for someone in need of serenity in their lives. Give as a peace offering or reconciliation gift to a friend or loved one. Is someone you know ill or in poor health? Give as a “get well soon” present or place in a friends home to bring strength and balance to the space.


Terrariums are often in sealed glass containers using natural soil and plants. They are designed to mimic a full-size outdoor scene. They allow you to recreate your own tiny world to place on display.  Being that the bonsai is a miniature version of a full-size tree, they make perfect additions to a natural small scene. Unlike terrariums, it’s better not to place your bonsai in a sealed container. However, you can add miniature objects around your tree such as figurines of people or tiny houses to add to the design. This design will further reflect the scaled down proportions of a larger tree found in nature.


Plant Care Pro

There are several varieties of bonsai trees similar to the variety of trees we see in nature. There is common plant care and maintenance required for your bonsai. However, depending on the type of tree, it may be in need of more specific techniques. You’ll find caring for your bonsai a rewarding experience especially in terms of improving your “green thumb.” They can help turn even the most novice caretaker into a pro.

Whether you are starting your bonsai from a seedling or caring for one that has already sprouted, the beauty and creative uses for your bonsai are limitless! You will find the powerful relationship between you and your bonsai is unlike any other plant you’ve ever cared for.


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