Best Tools for Growing a Bonsai

Best Tools for Growing a Bonsai

Since we all know that growing a Bonsai is more than just planting a few seeds in the dirt and letting nature do the rest. No, a Bonsai tree needs constant care, proper watering, sunlight, nutrients, and in order to produce the shape you want, you also have to manipulate its growth. This means you’ll also need the correct tools, you can’t tear off a root or bend a branch with your bare hands. Make sure you’ve got what you need before your Bonsai starts getting a little bigger!


Trimming Shears

It may sound like one simple item, but trimming shears come in various shapes and sizes, and they all have their own purpose. Pruning shears are a lot like a pair of scissors; the sharp edges provide a clean cut that safely removes excess leaves and twigs. 

Larger branches require a wider, "concave" trimmer. This type of branch cutter has an "O" shape that provides a much cleaner cut. You don't want to rip, tear, or try to hack branches off with regular shears. It delays the healing process, invites infection, and could further damage the rest of your Bonsai!


Wire Cutters

As your Bonsai tree grows, the wire may grow into the trunk and branches if they aren't removed quickly enough. Wire cutters are especially useful in taking care of this problem. The edge has a pointed, curved tip that works similarly to that of a crab claw. It's able to pinch away and remove wire causing minimal to no harm when pressed against the Bonsai.


A Root Rake

Even though your tree is small, soil still needs to moved and adjusted. Raking your soil at least once a week provides aeration and keeps excess water from building up and producing mold. Root rakes are also useful when it comes to repotting your plant. It works to gently separate roots that have become tangled together, and the flat end helps push soil into the new pot.


Bonsai Brush

You'd think that since a regular house plant does just fine staying "clean" on its own, you wouldn't need to scrub a Bonsai tree down. However, you should consider getting a Bonsai brush; the steel bristles help to remove dead and dying bark. The roughness of the brush promotes healthy growth, and makes it easier to brush soil away after you've moved your tree into its new home.


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