Cactus and Succulent Seed Starter Kit: Five Fun Planter And Potting Projects

Cactus and Succulent Seed Starter Kit: Five Fun Planter And Potting Projects

There are not many feelings that top the one of growing a plant from seed and nurturing it to a mature plant! Those of you that know, know! This kit allows you to produce multiple varieties, from the first process of sowing the seed to cultivating a garden unique to your own potting/planting style choices.

 Succulents and Cacti are great options if you are looking for low maintenance, easy to grow plants to liven up your home and garden! Once they have matured, they typically require less water and care, making them desirable if you feel you don't have a lot of time for a garden or may have not been gifted with the greenest thumb in the world!


What's in the Starter Kit?

This kit in its entirety contains four burlap starter pots, expandable soil disks, four bamboo markers, sheers, and of course, seeds! There are four non-GMO seed packets; two packets of small mixed cactus seeds and two packs of mixed succulent variety seeds. All of this comes in a lovely wooden box, which can be used as a planter.

The two cactus seed packets contain varieties that include; Gymnocalycium, Mammillarias, Notocactus, Rebutia, Lobivia, Blossfeldia, Frailea, Melocactus, plus more!

The two succulent packets contain but are not limited to; Mesembryanthemum species, Argyroderma, Lithops, Carpobrotus, Cheiridopsis, Crassula, Gibbaeum, Lithops, Faucaria, Fenestraria.


Planting Projects for your Cacti and Succulents

Below are a handful of ideas for planting up your plant babies when they are ready to leave their starter pots. You can use just about anything you like! This is an excellent opportunity to re-purpose household items, toys, etc., to plant in. 

You are going to need some well draining soil to pot up your plants in. Cacti/Succulent specific soil mixes are best! You'll also want to do your best to make sure that pots/planters have drainage or at the very least put some rocks at the bottom before putting in soil, and not over water.  


  1. Decorated planter and pots: This is a fun way to decorate plain old boring pots you already have! This is a fun one to do with the kids or a rainy day art project. Just pick a theme, gather your art supplies, and decorate/paint however you like. 

  2. Wall Planters: Have a big old empty wall that needs some life? This planter is a great way to put a live, green touch to your living space! You can do it in picture frame style and set pots in the frame, use a wireframe and hang pots from that, or use that extra wooden pallet lying around and plant directly in it!

  3. Fairy Gardens: This is such a cute idea( see photo at top of blog) ! You'll need to purchase some fairy figurines and pick a pot/bowl to build your fairy garden in! You could also do a zoo theme and use kids' toys if fairies are not your thing.

  4. Toy Vehicle Planters:  This is probably one of my favorite planters yet! Perfect for a project with the kids or for the classic car/truck enthusiast. All ya need is an old toy or model truck, tractor, or really any vehicle and plant away! 

  5. Hanging Pots: This is a good one for your Balcony/patio or wall beams in your house! You can purchase already made hanging pots or create your own with some pots and rope/string.

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 Ready to get started on your Cactus and Succulent project? Click here to purchase the kit! 


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