Summer Garden Crafts with Garden Republic

Summer Garden Crafts with Garden Republic

We are already halfway through summer, can you believe it! But there is still plenty of time left for some good relaxing fun! Garden-related crafts are a great way to decompress on a leisure weekend, whether it be for some needed self-care or quality family time. 

We've put together a handful of our favorite crafts here to keep your hands and minds busy on those carefree summer days. You can view our crafts for kids here

Sea-Glass Planter
A fun way to use sea glass you've collected from the beach!

You will need:

  1. Sea glass
  2. Terra cotta pots
  3. Light-colored outdoor paint
  4. Air-dry Clay
  5. Glue that is for glass use 
  6. Paintbrush

First, you'll want to paint both the inside and outside of the pots with paint and let it dry. It's recommended to do at least two coats of paint. 

Once the paint is completely dry, you can add the sea glass! Start by laying the pot on its side, and gluing the glass on the side facing you. After the glue dries, you can rotate the pot and add more glass, repeating the above step until the whole pot is finished. 

After the glue is dry, take the clay and roll it into long skinny pieces. You will then work these pieces in the spaces between the sea glass, pressing the clay in and smoothing it out until the whole pot is done. Once the clay is dry, you can add soil and your favorite plants!

Seed-Packet Clay Pots
A nifty way to use leftover seed packets that would usually end up in the trash can!

You will need:

  1. Pots
  2. Seed packets
  3. Craft paint 
  4. Scissors
  5. Mod podge

Start by painting your pots whatever color you like, you can color coordinate with the seed packets if you are feeling extra artsy. You may need more than 1 coat of paint. Allow to completely dry.

Cut the seed packets into 1" or less small squares ( you can use whatever shape you like). 

Apply a coat of mod podge to the pot, then press on the seed packet pieces you cut out onto the pot. You can overlap the pieces for a completely covered look, or leave open spaces. 

Once you are done putting the seed packet on, apply a good ( but not runny) coat of mod podge on top of the pieces and let them dry overnight before planting in them.** If you are going to use these pots outdoors, you'll want to use outdoor safe paint, and an outdoor sealer to go over the seed packet pieces/mod podge once it dries. 

Animal Herb Garden
This is an entertaining kid's garden project that is sure to please!

You will need:

  1. Plastic Animal figurines. You can choose farm animals, safari animals, dinosaurs, pets ..etc theme
  2. Wooden crate/box
  3. Non-toxic paint
  4. Paintbrush
  5. Soil
  6. Permanent marker ( dark color)
  7. Herb/ flowers/strawberry plants, you pick!
  8. watering can
  9. plant food

Start by painting the animals a solid color, using different colors for different animals. Once they have completely dried, use the permanent marker to write the names of the plants on each animal ( each animal gets a different plant name)

It's time to plant your garden! Add the soil ( it's a good idea to moisten the soil before planting), add in the plants, then water them. Next, Position each animal next to its namesake/plant. 

For longer plant life and overall health, it's recommended to give your plants an organic, water-based plant food. 

Garden Mushrooms
These are a cute touch to any garden, indoor or outdoor!

You will need:

  1. Various sized pots-1 for every mushroom you want to make.
  2. Drain plates for pots that are at least 3" wider than the bottom of the above pots.
  3. White Outdoor paint OR use a sealer if you have indoor paint.
  4. Outdoor paint in the color you want your mushrooms
  5. Paintbrushes
  6. Round sponges of various sizes

begin by painting the outside of the pots white, and painting the outside/underside that would normally go on the ground of the drain plates a contrasting color( use different colors for different plates for an extra colorful theme), then let them dry all the way. Apply as many coats as needed.

Once the paint has dried, take your sponge size of choice, and dip it in the white paint. Covered the sponge well, then quickly press the sponge on the drain plate, leaving a white circle. You can touch up the circles with a small paintbrush if needed. Repeat this step several times, until you have as many circles on all of the outsides of the drain plates as desired. Let them dry. Coat with sealer if needed once dry.

Time to pick where you want your mushrooms! Place the pots upside down where you would like them in your garden/patio. Then place the drain plate, upside down, on the top of the pot! If you would like, you can secure them in place with outdoor glue. 


We hope you have some summertime fun with these easy garden crafts! If you need some plants to fill your pots or your garden, you can view all of our Vegetable, Herb, Flower, Succulent, and Bonsai kits here!

We'd love to see photos of your completed projects! You can share them via email, at, on Facebook and Instagram using hashtags #gardenrepublic and #letsgrowsomethinggreat


 Happy Summer Crafting!



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