Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes! Coming Soon to Garden Republic and Your Home!

Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes! Coming Soon to Garden Republic and Your Home!

Who doesn't love a freshly picked juicy tomato, straight from the vine to the table? Tomatoes are probably one of the most popular veggies grown in gardens. Not only because they are delicious and pretty easy to grow, but also because there are so many uses for them! You can use them as salad toppings, in pasta sauces, as pizza toppings, canning for later use, or as a healthy snack, to name a few!

 There are hundreds, probably thousands of tomato varieties that exist. Ranging from teeny tiny cherry tomatoes to gigantic, meaty ones that can weigh a few pounds! It can be a bit overwhelming to decide which ones to grow; that's where we come in. We've done the guesswork for you! Coming very soon ( fingers crossed for the next couple of weeks), we'll be releasing two new tomato products, both an Indoor Tomato Garden Starter Kit and an 8-variety Tomato Garden Seed Set!


The Starter Kit will come with 4 Heirloom seed varieties, plus everything you need to get them started! This includes pots, soil disks, sprouts sheers, plant markers, and an instruction manual. The Seed Set will come with the same 4 varieties, plus 4 more (all Heirloom)! It also includes 10 plant markers. Both kits will come packed in wooden boxes and almost 24/7 grower support (both live and automated)!

Below is a bit about each of the tomato varieties, so you know what to expect. Note, the first four are in both the starter kit and seed set. They are also all Indeterminate varieties (the majority of tomato types are), meaning the plants don't have a specific size they will grow to and will grow/ produce fruit for a more extended period until it gets too cold for them! 


Cherry: These are the smallest type of tomatoes out there! But don't let that fool you. They are packed with a lovely, sweet flavor that will please the pickiest sweet tooth! Round in shape, they range from thumb size to a golf ball's size at their largest. 

Yellow Pear: As their name suggests, these are yellow in color and shaped like a pear! They are another lush and sweet variety, growing up to about 2 inches in size, making them a good pick for snacking.

San Marzano: A variety of plum tomatoes, Marzano's are very similar to your classic Roma tomatoes! They are slightly more pointed and oblong in shape, growing to 1-3 inches long. They are lower in acidity than Roma's, making them sweeter! Another perk is they contain a lesser amount of seeds than other plum tomatoes. They are the perfect selection for making pizza sauce and tomato paste!

Aunt Ruby's Green: These large, beefsteak style tomatoes are perfect for slicing for BLT's ( or any sandwich), fried tomatoes, or on salads! As their name hints, they are a neon, yellowish-green color, even when ripe! They are packed with sweetness, with just a touch of spiciness. These tomatoes will need strong support, as they can weigh up to 1lb or more!

Black Krim : These are medium size fruit, reddish/maroon in color, but the more sun/heat they get, the darker they get, turning almost black! They have a tasty well-rounded flavor, being sweet, but also has a tart/smoky taste to them as well!

Green Zebra : These tomatoes are striped, starting out as pale green with light stripes. As the fruit matures, the stripes become darker, and the color base stays a pale green/yellow. They grow to be about golf-ball size and are a balanced mix of tart and sweet in flavor. Perfect for making Salsa and chopping up to put on salads. 

Brandywine Pink: Another large beefsteak, slicing variety, these rosy-pink tomatoes can weigh up to a pound or so! Although they take a tad long to mature, their refined, superb flavor is well worth the wait and makes them highly sought after! 

Golden Jubilee: This is a medium-sized tomato that typically weighs under 1lb and is a bright, golden color. The taste is pretty sweet but is milder than the other tomatoes. This makes them perfect for making tomato juice, sauces, and salsas. 


Are you excited to grow and taste different tomato varieties yet? I know I am! While we impatiently await their release, you can view our other garden kits here: If you would like to receive emails about new product releases, newsletter sales, and more, you can subscribe here by scrolling to the bottom of our homepage!

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