Why We Love to Garden- Seven Benefits of Organic Gardening

Why We Love to Garden- Seven Benefits of Organic Gardening

We all have our own reasons why we enjoy gardening. Whether you only have a small indoor setup or have a large outdoor space, gardening has been a favorite pastime for ages for many reasons!

Maybe you love to garden for no other reason than, well, because you love to garden, and that's perfectly ok! I know I simply love to be outdoors in nature and feel the earth beneath my feet. But in case you aren't convinced or are looking for a good "excuse" to play in the dirt, below are a few reasons how gardening can benefit you and your family. It might just even become your new treasured past-time!


Taste: You just can't beat the freshness and taste of vegetables and herbs picked straight from the plant! There is always so much more flavor and crispness to each delicious bite! 


Health Benefits: Growing your own organic veggies, herbs and fruits is a great way to ensure you get plenty of nutrition in your diet! The more variety of food you grow, the larger variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants you'll be giving to your body. When you grow at home, you know exactly where you are getting your food from. We recommend avoiding harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers and using Organic, Non-GMO seeds. Gardening, especially outdoors, is also a great way to break a sweat and get exercise in!


Save Money: Unfortunately, buying fresh fruits and veggies from the grocery store can get a bit pricey, especially organic! Buying seeds and growing your own herbs and veggies can help cut your grocery store bill down a bit. If you grow more than you need, you can start your own little produce stand or sell to local restaurants! 


Reduce stress and relax: Gardening is an excellent outlet for relieving stress, taking some alone time to relax, and shift your mind away from your daily routine! And there aren't many things in life as rewarding as growing plants from seed and watching them grow/produce! 


Help the Earth: By growing your own veggies at home, you're helping the earth out in a few ways! If you are not using harmful pesticides/fertilizers, you keep that pollution out of the ground, air, and water! You are also cutting down on the fossil fuels that would normally be used to transport all that food around! Little things make a difference! 


Family Activity: Having an outdoor or indoor garden is a wonderful activity to do with everyone in the family! It's a exceptional way to teach children responsibility, care, and patience! It's also a great way to teach them to care for nature while bonding with them. 


FUN! And don't forget the most important one, gardening is fun!! You can grow such a huge variety of plants: vegetables, herbs, flowers, not to mention non-edible gardens! You can design and create your layout to suit your needs and get creative with how you want to grow! 

 Does this get you pumped to start your own garden?? I know I'm ready for some planting! 

At Garden Republic, we offer multiple different kits (and more coming soon!) to get you started on your plant journey! We have Starter Kits, which have everything you need to grow plants from seeds to sprout. If you already have the tools to get started and just need the seeds or want to add them to your starter kit collection, you can check out our Seed Sets! If you need help picking out which kit would be perfect for you, please reach out to us on our website, or shoot us an email at wecare@shopgardenrepublic.com. We are always happy to help!


Happy Gardening!


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