Cactus & Succulent Seed Starter Kit

Mini Succulent Plants and Cactus Plants Growing Kit

Everything you need to grow your own live cactus plants & live succulent plants indoors. The kit includes: 2 packets of mixed small variety cactus seeds, 2 packets of mixed succulent variety seeds, 4 burlap/jute grow bags, potting soil, pruning shears, 4 bamboo plant markers, and a wooden gift box that works as an indoor planter.

Small Variety Succulent Seeds Included: 
Mesembryanthemum species, Argyroderma, Lithops, Carpobrotus, Cheiridopsis, Crassula, Gibbaeum, Lithops, Faucaria, Fenestraria, and others.
Small Variety Cactus Seeds Included: 
Gymnocalycium, Mammillarias, Notocactus, Rebutia, Lobivia, Blossfeldia, Frailea, Melocactus and others.

Why Garden Republic?

Growing up on organic farms, our goal is to make the art of growing plants simple & accessible. We are a veteran & family-owned small business focused on creating safe, sustainable products you can trust.

Our cactus and succulent kit seeds are tested at 90%+ germination rates.

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